You, Without a Name

Posted on Jul 2, 2014

I saw you in the club,

You, without a name.

I saw You making Love

in the bathroom without shame.

You were out there on the streets

with cigarette in hand

and in between the sheets

of the party and the band.

I saw You in the sewer drain,

in rains from hours before,

in streets that entertain

the drunken kind of war.

I saw You in the lights,

the bright electric blur

in the bar bravado fights

for the ladies that never were.

Your always changing plans

drifting through the air

perfumed by trailer stands

and the forgetting of our cares,

I saw You look so innocent

so wild and so free

I saw you in the instruments

doing whatever it is they pleased.

I tried to introduce myself

though I’ve been accused of being shy

and men of better class and wealth

seem as desperate for You as I,

and I saw You for a second there

the moment that you passed

your nameless, faceless debonair

checking out some ass.

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