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The one at the corner of time

Posted on Jul 26, 2014

Sending emails across the seas, across the internet,

across the continental divide. Remember the days

in the valley we spent throwing rocks across the chasm?

Love lost is that window in your heart goes the song,

in so many words. Just that open breeze and the occasional

shadow passing through. I wrote a song, what do you think

of it? Forever wasn’t ever meant to be taken so seriously,

lover. Some good lyrics are all that last. The words “email”

and “internet” in a poem, or a song, so cold, but now the

impersonal seems apt. It’s like the connections never disappear,

only rearrange. That beautiful woman in Lisbon, the one here

at home, the one around the corner from me, I haven’t yet met.

That beautiful woman. Woman. The one at the corner of time,

smiling on everything: those good lyrics, that open breeze,

the days in the valley, connected, known by everyone.

Remembering is familiar, warm.

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