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the EP is here, dancehall, what a wonderful world

Posted on Sep 22, 2015

Hiya friends,

It’s been a while, I know. Figured I’d update y’all on some stuff that’s been going on. Really appreciate your being on the other end to send it to.

First off, after what probably amounts to a year and a half of work including building up songs with the band, I’m finally putting out the Rock and Roll Kids EP, with an EP release party:

Justin Fallen and the Angels

the Rock and Roll Kids EP release party

Thursday, September 24, 9 pm

Hole in the Wall, $6

It’s also a release party for Richard Kentopp’s Gentle Wolves full length release. They’ll go on at 9, we’re on at 11. Here’s the event.

The Rock and Roll Kids is a four track, twenty minute snapshot of the rock and country and soul sound I’ve been working on for the last couple years. I’m real proud of it. This is, for me, the finale of a hell of a lot of joy, sweat and tears, and it may be the last time I play with the Angels (a new project is already in the works, though.)

Please come on out and join me in the dance if you’re around. I’ll give you a copy of the EP on CD gratis if you tell me you read this email! It’s always real nice having friendly faces in the crowd to celebrate with. It’d be my pleasure to give you a copy in person. (Please tell your friends it applies to them too.)

We recorded the tracks live as a band in Matt and Phil’s Eastern Sun Studio, the last vocal takes were the last tracks recorded there before they closed their doors. The whole thing came out real nice, and I’m excited to share it.

In case you haven’t seen it, I put out a music video as a single from the record. It’s called Dancehall (Rhythm of a Saturday Night). The video gets real fun about half way through.

There’s another video for the title track on the way, and a streaming version of the EP will go up after the show.

Really hope all’s well on the other end of this email. My guess is life’s been doing its changes for you, too. What a Wonderful World, in all its strangeness:

Love to love the love,


PS Went on tour with a couple of my favorite songwriters a few weeks ago. Here are some pics!

PPS Check out Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home if you haven’t. The truth is, Bob Dylan is fascinating.

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