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Show Friday, new EP on the way

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

love sprockets
Hiya friends,

It’s been a while. Just wanted to send a little update on what’s going on sonic-ly these days.
First, wanted to let you know I’m playing a solo set at

the Scoot Inn on Friday night , April 24, 8 pm. I play the early set.

This is a record release party for a group called the Love Sprockets. I met them on New Year’s Eve–a couple from New England who came to Texas on their bikes, toting their instruments and their dog. They put a band together when they got here and this party is the culmination. I’m very excited to share in the celebration, and would sure love to see some friendly faces in the crowd. I don’t play just myself and a guitar on a bar stage all that often, thought I might cover a Townes song for the occasion.

In other news, a new EP is on the way. The working title is “The Rock & Roll Kids EP.” Myself and the Angels have tracked the project and we’re moving in to final phases. The vision is to put out a video for every song, and a show with the Angels each time a video gets put out. Thinking big here. I’ll keep yall posted and share some stuff soon.

We’ve been recording the songs at Matt and Phil’s studio, Eastern Sun Audio. And, in the last couple weeks, just found out they’re losing the space and have decided to close up shop. Definitely the loss of a jewel of a studio. My guess is ashes will rise with this one, though. They’re visionary folks. They’re selling some stuff today if you get this in time.

I hope this is finding you all well. I am most grateful to have people on the other end of this blog to share what’s been happening. I’m also grateful to have music to share. My hope is yall are living the good life as well.

Here’s one:


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