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Residency Week 2, KUTX Austin Music Minute, and Week 3 Lineup

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

We had us a good week this week. For starters, Austin’s eclectic all music radio station featured us on their Austin Music Minute last Tuesday. It’s a generous review, and a well edited segment. You can hear it here.

Plus, the show was great! Here’s John Wesley Coleman and crew starting off the night with some wildness:


Slowtrain headlined, and, man, they brought it. They’re now one of my favorite bands in town:


I’d say the residency is picking up steam. Next Wednesday, our bass player, Phil Ajjarapu, is debuting his live act for the first time since finishing his miracle album, Sing Along Until You Feel Better. (Our own Mr. Bryan Mammel will be supporting him on keys). Our headliner that night is Austin’s Wil Cope.

As it’ll be for the next three weeks, I’ll be starting the night at 8 pm with a solo set, followed by Phil at 10, myself and the Angels at 11, and Wil at midnite. Spiderhouse Ballroom.

Oh yeah, we’ll be playing a set on-air on KUTX next Monday, February 24. More info on that soon…

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