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Residency Details Emerging

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

Alright! Some new details of the residency have come to light.

None of this is solid right now, but the artist list includes Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs, The Bluebird Specials, Slowtrain, John Wesley Coleman, Will Cope, Molybden and RF Shannon. Our own guitarman Richard’s got a country Americana feel good set on the way, too. Also, Phil’s project is debuting their first live show since completing his miracle album. (Check out Phil Ajjarapu’s story, it’ll blow your mind.)

I’ll play a solo set and then with the band at 11. My plan is to play the solo set working out new songs, so those sets will be pretty varied and fresh. I’ll be breaking out the electric guitar a whole lot more. My band is called  Justin Fallen and the Angels.

It’s every Wednesday night in February and the first in March at the Spiderhouse Ballroom.

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