It was a Magic Show, The Finale Approaches (Last Week of the Residency Coming Up!)

Posted on Mar 2, 2014

Alright, alright, the grande finale quickly approaches.

I can honestly say that every show over the course of this residency has just gotten better than the week before. I’m sure this last one is going to be fun.

Last Wednesday was our most rock n roll yet. We tried out two new tunes and I think they’re hits.

Oh yeah, my folks showed up to the show too, from Virginia. It was a surprise, and I did a double take when I saw them. It was the first time they’d ever seen me play with a band.

And there was the radio show. Got to talk with Laurie Gallardo and play some songs in Studio 1A. Dream come true.

So a pretty damn good week.

Here’s one of me at my solo show on the bar stage. That’s a brand new suit.




Molybden started off the main event. Here she is floating and bringing us along with her:


And her magical merch table:


RF Shannon closed the night. A lyrical way to describe them: a slow portal through the sound of a VOX amplifier and emotive guitar breaks, the crowd held in a haunted hush.

rf shannon 1


Now, we’re approaching the final week. I’m visualizing us filling up the room with a party. Visualize along with me, we’ll change the world.

This Wednesday, March 5, we’ve got the official CD release party of the Gentle Wolves starting off the main event. This is the project of our guitar player, Richard Kentopp. They’re an alternative country act coming out of the Servant Church here in town, playing an entirely different interpretation of church music. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Ramsay Midwood‘s our final headliner. He’s got that midwest, J.J. Cale sound. Bryan Mammel plays keys in that band as well. There’ll be dancing, I’m sure.

Here’s the lineup:

7 pm — Justin Fallen solo
9 pm — The Gentle Wolves CD release
10 pm — Justin Fallen and the Angels
11 pm — Ramsay Midwood

At the Spiderhouse Ballroom.

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