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For Immediate Release: Spiderhouse Ballroom to Kick-off Artist of the Month Residency with Justin Fallen and the Angels

Posted on Jan 27, 2014


In February, the Spiderhouse Ballroom is kicking off BAM, its new “Ballroom Artist of the Month” residency, featuring inaugural artist Justin Fallen and the Angels each Wednesday night in February and the first week in March. The BAM residency series is intended to provide a major career boost to high quality emerging artists that deserve to be heard by a wide audience.

Along with Justin Fallen and the Angels, the February lineups include Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs, Slowtrain, Will Cope, Ramsay Midwood and RF Shannon among others. Each night will feature a solo performance by Justin Fallen at 8 pm and a full band set at 11.

More on Justin Fallen and the Angels:

A Texas songwriter by way of Virginia, Justin Fallen blends a modern troubadour’s poetic sensibility with song structures that are simultaneously simple and intricate. Along with drummer/producer Matt Simon (Voxtrot, Belaire), Bassist Phil Ajjarapu (J.C. and Co., the Black), Bryan Mammel (Sons of Fathers) on keys and Richard Kentopp (Belaire, Books Died On), the band paints a dynamic, country and indie rock influenced landscape that can range from intimate and emotive to high energy chorus driven sing-alongs. Expect a big sound, hook driven narratives, swelling crescendos and the Texas Two-step. Justin’s album, the Country Hero, was released at the end of 2013.




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