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You gonna be a rock n roll star

Posted on Jul 15, 2014

You gonna be a rock n roll star
You gonna be the best
You gonna go far, gonna go far, man
Gonna live in the infinite Yes

You gonna be the one they love, man
Gonna sing your songs and rise
You gonna reach the skies above, man
Gonna spread them wings and fly

You gonna take what you can get there
You gonna run for it all, run for it all
You gonna place your final bets there
gonna rumble, gonna brawl

You gonna live for real
You gonna go wild, go right

And you gonna give it all up, brother
When the sorrow hits the light

You gonna see what you can see, man
You gonna find out what is real
You gonna find your heart blown open, lover
You gonna feel what you can feel

You gonna lose your sense of self there
You gonna taste a kiss of G*d
You gonna make your peace with hell, my son
gonna lose the whole façade

You gonna live like no one’s here, child
You gonna live like music sounds
Gonna drop that face of fear
Gonna bring the whole house down

You gonna whisper to the silence
You gonna crumble at the sight
And you gonna see the end of violence, dancer
When the sorrow hits the light

And you gonna live for real, lover
When the sorrow hits the light

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